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  • Is time of the essence when building wings?
  • Do you need wing cores NOW?
  • Do your wing-panels have to be of the highest possible standard, quality and accuracy?
  • Do you need complex section combinations, or shapes which are too difficult to produce using conventional methods?
  • Do you need wings, but don’t have templates, or have templates, but have no means of cutting wings?
  • Do you have impatient customers who can’t wait and need those wing panels like, YESTERDAY?
  • Do you have foam-cutting requirements not covered above?
If any of the answers to the above is YES!

Take advantage of modern technology! We offer a CNC foam-cutting service to the Discerning Modeler, Prospective Kit Manufacturer and Hobby Shops.
  • Wing panels are cut to customer requirements, using the highest quality EPS or EPP foam. Foam blanks may also be supplied by the customer (Virgin foam is essential).
  • Wing section templates and co-ordinates may be supplied in any of the following formats:
  • Existing conventional wood, metal or Formica templates or, an accurate drawing. (These templates will be electronically digitised into a usable format and stored in a database under the customers name, for future reference and exclusive use by the named customer)
  • COR or DAT co-ordinate files. (see note below)
  • Autocad™ format (Up to rev 2000).
  • DXF, HPGL, HPGL2, METAFILE FORMAT, PDF,Postscript, Encapsulated Postscript, Iges, VRML, Parasolid, STL Etc.
  • Bitmap Formats: bmp, jpg, tif, gif Etc.
  • DTP Formats: Corel Draw™, Micrografx™, Adobe™, Apple Mac™. Etc.
  • CAD Formats: SolidWorks™, Solid Edge™, Pro-E™, Autocad™, Personal Designer™.

(If your template or file is in a format not listed above, please enquire if we are able to read it)


Note: A co-ordinate database of over 1150 wing sections, is available at the following URL:
  • Turn-around time: 24 hrs min. to 4 days max. Cut while-U-wait (1 hr) is possible if the required co-ordinates and panel dimensions are readily available. (Turn-around time subject to delivery location. We are based in the Western Cape, South Africa)
  • Pricing: Prices are quoted prior to ordering. A discount is offered when foam is pre-supplied by customers or large volumes are ordered.
  • Hobby Shops and Kit Manufacturers qualify for SPECIAL DISCOUNTS.

Sample cuts can be provided on request

Contact Details:

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Theo Marnewick. (cell): 083 469 6125 (h):021 945 1973 (w):021 880 8550 (e-mail w): (e-mail h):